Launch ad campaigns on Amazon

Business benefits

Set up and optimize your ad campaigns effectively.

Follow a systematic approach to your ads.

Ads should continuously optimized, tested, and winning ads repeated for maximum success.

Log into your Amazon Ads dashboard and select Create Campaign.

Choose Sponsored Products, or Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Display depending on your goal.

Sponsored Products is the primary choice for ads on Amazon. It is the one that drives the majority of the traffic on Amazon ,because it’s native and is usually clicked on the most as there is little difference between a sponsored product and a regular product.

Sponsored Brands - For increasing brand awareness.
Sponsored Display - For display advertising on and off of Amazon.

Enter your Campaign Name, choose a Portfolio, and select a Start and End Date.

It is recommended to always have every single campaign grouped into a portfolio to which that product belongs.

choose a Daily Budget of $100 and select your Targeting preference.

A $100 budget is recommended as anything under that you will feel like your ads are being throttled. A $100 a day might seem a lot, but you can control the spending through your bids. So if you have low bids and a big budget, it’s not going to use up the entire budget.

You can choose between automatic or manual targeting:

Automatic Targeting

Automatic targeting is where you have Close Match, Loose Match, Compliments, and Substitutes, and is where you let Amazon fully take over.

  • Close Match is targeting closely matched keywords.
  • Loose Match is loosely matched keywords.
  • Compliments are complementary keywords.
  • Substitutes are direct competitors.
Manual Targeting

Manual targeting is where you have Broad Phrase and Exact Keyword targeting, Product targeting, or Category targeting.

Select your Campaign Bidding Strategy and choose an Ad Group.

Choose between:
Dynamic Bids - Down Only: Lowers bids in realtime when ads are unlikely to convert a sale.
Dynamic Bids - Up and Down: Raises bids by maximum of 100% when ads are likely to convert and lowers when they are unlikely.
Fixed Bids: Uses your exact bid and adjustments, no automatic adjustments made.

It is recommended to use Down Only as there’s no reason to allow Amazon to overspend. Also, Dynamic Bids outperform Fixed Bids.

For Ad Groups, best practice is to only have one. Multiple ad groups can split the budget unevenly between different ad groups and you’ll have no control over the budget. You should also keep the campaign name the same as the ad group name.

Add the products you want to advertise for.

Choose between Keyword and Product targeting.

  • Product Targeting: Uses specific products, categories, brands or features to target your ads.

You can choose the products from the recommended list or choose by ASIN (Amazon Specific Identification Number).

  • Keyword Targeting: Uses keywords to show your products in searches.

Do not mix broad phrase and exact when using keyword targeting.

Optimize your bid ranges for targeting.

You can add a custom bid for keywords, where Amazon will show you the bid range and impression share. Spending more money will allow you to get a larger impression share. For example, if you notice that you’re already targeting some keywords and you have a very low impression share, it is worthwhile spending a little bit more money.

You can wait for a few days and if it is not profitable after a certain number of clicks, wait until it’s exceeded the target customer acquisition. For example, if your target customer acquisition is $8 and you spent more than $8 with no sales, start cutting things down.

Add negative keywords that you don’t want to target.

There are 2 options; Negative Exact and Negative Phrase.

Negative Phrase Is any negative phrase that includes those keywords. For example, you can use the keyword, vaccine if you are showing up for vaccine card holder because you are selling something that doesn’t apply a vaccine. Otherwise, just keep it as Negative Exact if you know the keywords you don’t want to show up for.

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