Hire a conversion optimization specialist

Business Benefits

Recognize and attract an effective conversion optimizer.

Write an actionable job title and position outline.

For example, dog walker is better defined and more understandable than herder of canines.

Write a job description that includes examples of required skills, past experience, and opportunities the applicant can expect in the role.

Create a checklist with measurable recruitment goals and specific qualifications you want or need in the future hire.

Recruitment goals can consist of features such as a hiring timeframe or turnover rate. Qualifications in a conversion optimizer can include traits like grit and determination, or being user- and data-driven.

Network with potential hires and industry leaders at events and online to establish connections and build rapport in a non-interview setting.

Review the candidate’s resume and cover letter to look for previous experience with analytics, meeting customer expectations, and process implementation.

Ask interview questions about previous conversion optimization experiences.

Allow for a conversation period to look for character traits such as creativity, humility, and adaptability.

Contact an interviewee’s references and ask open-ended questions about previous conversion optimization experience, relationship building, and problem-solving skills.

Create an employee referral program to incentivize current conversion optimizers within your company to recommend new colleagues.

Meet with your human resources department to implement the program. Options for incentives can include a cash bonus or extra holidays.

Reconsider and reevaluate previous applicants using your newly outlined job title, position, and recruitment goals.

Track professional growth and development by reviewing their credentials on social media platforms such as LinkedIn.

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