Find and analyze datasets on Kaggle

Business Benefits

Find new opportunities through data.

Connect to and sign up using your email address or your Google login.

Look for the data sets section near the top of the page.

You can choose from datasets related to Google Search, Facebook ads, Google Analytics data, and Conversions data among many other marketing related datasets.

Enter a keyword to search the data set’s database, for example, digital marketing.

The search process is straightforward. Even though there are over 20K datasets available, you won’t need to enter any long tail keywords or use advanced search functionality. If you are interested in analyzing conversion rates, just search on conversions.

Scan the results and review the data set quality scores, interestingness scores, and short descriptions, looking for data sets that have been rated highly and used for similar purposes as you require.

The data sets and the associated analyses receive ratings and comments from the community, so the process of deciding which one to choose is not unlike checking for reviews and ratings of books on Amazon.

Look more deeply at data sets that might meet your needs and view any Notebooks associated with them to see statistics and visualizations that have been generated.

Every Notebook represents an analysis that includes narrative, code, and output, such as visualizations and data tables with summary statistics.

Select the data set with the highest number of upvotes, which is a sign of quality and approval from the community, and fork the Notebook for your personal use if you want to use it as a base.

This creates a new version of the code, dataset, and any outputs that you can modify to suit your needs.

Either run the script as it is or edit it to create your own version.

An interesting option is to substitute the original author’s data with your own, similarly structured, data set and then execute the code on your own data.

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