Enrich customer data using Kaggle

Business Benefits

Understanding user behavior and optimize your customer profile.

Decide which customer segment and industry you want to focus on in increasing the accuracy of your data.

Sign in to Kaggle, select Data and enter keywords that fit your chosen customer segment and industry.

Click on Filter and select CSV to see data sets that you can easily import into Google Analytics.

Select Tag, in the lower part of the filter screen, to granulate your search results in the appropriate category and press Enter.

Scan the results and sort data sets by most votes to identify high-quality data. Then identify the data set that best suits your customer segment and industry.

Select Download from the right side of the data set to download all available data on the topic and import the .CSV file to your existing Google Analytics data sets.

Integrate the imported data set with your existing data segment and create new analytics using a larger sample.

Export the integrated data set from Google Analytics as a .CSV file and import it into Kaggle.

Select Notebook from the left side and create a new data report using your integrated data set.

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