Driving website traffic for recipe book download

The page was patterned after the global site. It’s a food recipe page created for all the website of the different subsidiaries.

Whether the subsidiary covers France, Middle East, Africa or Asia region, it doesn’t matter. They all the have the same recipe page promoting the microwave products in their region.

This is not a bad thing to begin with. You sell microwave ovens; one of the ways to show empathy as a brand is to create recipes of meals that can be prepared using those microwaves.

But whatever is worth doing is worth doing well. If we’re gonna create recipes for people, it should be recipes of meals they eat or are interested in eating.

Seeing the situation, I called a few of my marketing colleagues and shared the idea of replacing some of the recipes we have on the site with meals we (and our audience) eat and would appreciate.

So, we went to work. The food enthusiast amongst us created ten recipes. I edited, proofread and translated to french (we have English and French countries in our subsidiary). And then we got the website development guys to update the recipe page.

But that’s not all. The next question was this: how do we drive traffic with this and make it a best practice?

The first thing we thought was to make the new recipes into a downloadable pdf and host it on the recipe page of the website.

To take this a step further, the second thing we thought of was to hire a chef who is a social media influencer to prepare some of the meals. We were able to get one with around 300k followers on Instagram.

What was she to do exactly? We gave her ten recipes to work with; she was to make a video presentation of any five out of them. This will give our audience the option of watching a chef prepare some of the meals whose procedures they’re reading in the recipe book.

The videos are to be uploaded on our YouTube page, and the YouTube links added to the recipe book to make them clickable.

This will enable us drive traffic to our YouTube page continuously. As for how we will drive download for the e-book, easy peasy.

The influencer is to do an IG live where she will prepare one of the meals in the recipe book, and have her audience participate.

To make them participate, she’s to create awareness for the IG live via video teasers and social media designs asking them to vote for the preferred meal they would like to watch her prepare.

And then, she is to add the recipe page url in her bio. That way, her audience can click the link, download the recipe book on our site and stand a chance to win a microwave during the IG live. She’s to give this info in the teasers and designs.

So far, the recipe book has been created as well as the videos but getting the video approved by the legal and quality control team is the issue. They always seem to have a lot on their desk.

And so far, my boss is pretty impressed with the idea (after seeing the book and videos). What’s left for us to do is to shock him with figures. So help us God.

House, do you have any suggestions on what we can do better to achieve better result before then?

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Hi @championhamzat thank you for your question! Would this article be helpful for you: Traffic Acquisition Strategy: A Data-Driven Approach to Increase Site Traffic

Hopefully that helps point you in the right direction and get you started. Let’s wait and see what other members in the community can think of!

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