Create a B2B link-building strategy

Business Benefits

Generate better quality traffic to your website.

Analyze your website’s external link traffic using Ahrefs or SEMRush.

Insert the URL link of your website and select Links that lead to the website.

Create a document and record both the current state of your SEO and what you aim to achieve with your new strategy.

Set clear, measurable goals such as new website traffic, traffic from new sources, and brand awareness.

Research industry blogs connected to your company that accept guest contributions and send each an email with three pitch ideas that would benefit their audience.

Research these using Google and copy the URL of the homepage, their submission process, their audience, and their email address into a spreadsheet. Being accepted to contribute to blogs that you have no established relationship with requires a solid portfolio.

Create linkable assets like quizzes and surveys using a tool like SurveyAnyplace or Typeform to attract backlinks.

  • Share the assets with your existing mailing list or business partners.
  • Share each asset on your website or social platform to increase exposure.

Find websites that have listicle articles using Google advanced search or SEMRush.

  1. Scan the website for the type of content they share with their readers.
  2. Search the name of the editor of the website.
  3. Create listicles and pitch the editor two of your articles.

Sign up on HARO and subscribe to journalists that write about your industry, then pitch them your articles.

  1. Scan the website authority where the journalist is writing before pitching them your article.
  2. Add a short biography or background of your business in the email.
  3. Connect with the journalists on LinkedIn to follow up.

Use TinEye to scan the web for your images and add backlinks to them.

  • Reach out to the website editor and provide them with the link to the original image.
  • Create infographics or images that can help the website add more value to their readers.

Use Ahrefs to assess industry blogs for broken links by searching links with a 404 error in their description and offer them new alternative links.

Pitch high-quality and well-written content with a lot of value.

Get alerts about your brand online using Google Alerts or BrandMentions and monitor the number of times your brand was mentioned.

Scan the page for websites that mention your brand but fail to add the link. Ask the editor to update the brand mention with a link back to your site.

Reach out to your network of people and encourage them to help each other out by providing value to readers and followers.

Share articles with them that are relevant to their business and return the favor.

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