Drive ecommerce traffic with Google Ads

Business Benefits

Increase traffic to your ecommerce site.

Navigate to your Google Ads account and click Campaigns > + > New Campaign.

Select website traffic as your campaign goal.

Specify the type of campaign you would like to run, such as Search, Display, or Local, based on where your target audience is most active when they’re shopping.

Provide the URL link you’d like to drive traffic to - such as your main store page, a single product page, or a seasonal sales page - which will act as the conversion point for reporting once your campaign is active.

Enter a name for your campaign, based on the anticipated launch date or the audience you plan to target.

Specify whether you’d like your ad to be included in Google Search or on the websites that users browse.

Select a target geographic location and language for your ads.

Narrow your audience with search keywords, interests, and demographic criteria related to your ecommerce product or service.

Set up your ad groups and create your ads.

Click on Launch to start or schedule your campaign.

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