Create a new search ad campaign in Google Ads

Business Benefits

Bring relevant traffic to your website and increase sales by optimizing ads with the keywords that you define.

Research the keywords that you want to target in your search campaign.

  1. Log in to your Google Ad account.
  2. In the top Navigation click on Tools and then select Keyword planner.
  3. Click on Discover new keyword ideas.
  4. Enter the keyword suggestions that are relevant to your audience.
  5. Click on Get results.
  6. Click on Download keyword ideas and select the preferred format, csv. or Google Sheets.

Decide which keywords to use in the campaign.

Analyze the file that you exported from the Keyword planner. Identify keywords that are relevant to your business and have a high search volume. Avoid generic one-word keywords like shoes or software. Focus on more specific keywords that have a clear intention like buy sports shoes, red Nike shoes, or on-premise hr software.

Create your campaign and define the campaign settings.

  1. Log in to your Google Ads account and click on the +NEW CAMPAIGN button.
  2. Click on Create a campaign without a goal guidance.
  3. Select Search as campaign type.
  4. Under Select the results that you want to get from this campaign pick one of the options:
    • Select Website visits if you create a campaign for a website.
    • Enter your website’s URL.
    • Click on Continue.
  5. Add the descriptive campaign name, for example, product category or service name that you want to advertise for.
  6. Under Networks deselect Display Network.
  7. Under Targeting locations select the countries that you want to target.
  8. Under Languages choose the language of the targeted location.
  9. Under Budget define your desired daily spend.
  10. Under bidding click Or, select the bidding strategy directly.
  11. Select Manual CPC.
  12. Click Save and continue.

Create the ad group in order to link your keywords and ad texts.

In the empty field under Keywords, enter one of the keywords that you selected in step 2 and place it in the brackets for example, [red shoes]. In another row enter the same keyword and add + before every word in the keyword, for example, +red +shoes. Change the ad group name so that it corresponds to the keywords that you use for example, red shoes. Click Save and continue.

Create text ads to bring users to your website.

Use your keyword in one of the three headlines to make the ad more relevant. Use a strong CTA in one of the three headlines, for example, Shop now!, Order now and save!, or Download your free trial. Describe the product or the service that you offer in one of the description lines, for example, Running shoes for trail, road & track from top brands such as Asics, Nike.

Mention the promotional campaign or extra service that you offer in the second description line, for example, free shipping or money back guarantee. Click on Save and continue then click on Publish to launch your search campaign.

Adjust the CPC bids to determine how much you want to pay for the click.

  1. Find your newly created campaign in the list of campaigns in the left navigation bar.
  2. Click on the campaign name.
  3. Navigate to Keywords > Search keywords.
  4. Select all keywords by ticking a box under the Apply button.
  5. Click on Edit and select Change max. CPC bids.
  6. Select Raise bids to first page CPC.