Design a community purpose and values

Business benefits

Inform your community strategy and attract the right people.

Specify who the community will be for. What is the strong, shared identity of the members in your community?

Look at your community research and answer:

  • What type of member would we not want in our community?
  • What type of member is so important that, if they are absent, our community would fail?

Identify three verbs that describe what you will bring people together to do. What are the things that people are longing to achieve?

Find 3 verbs that best define what your members will do in your community to make it a success.

Describe how your community will make a difference in the lives of its members and the world.

Write out a draft purpose statement. Put together the who, do, and how statements.

Use this purpose statement format: We gather [strong shared identity of members] to [3 verb statements that describe what they can look forward to doing together] so that [what’s in it for them].

For example, We gather experts to ensure they continue to flourish, grow their communities, and inspire others to do the same so that our platform can continue to retain and spotlight the best of our community.

Edit your purpose statement for clarity and use language from your community research. Make sure it invokes an emotional response.

Brainstorm possible values to use. Aim for a list of about 30 values.

Jot down any other values that might be relevant to your community and members to expand the scope of possibilities.

Narrow down your list to a maximum of 4 values using a bulls-eye diagram. Look for values that are consistent with your brand values and your purpose statement.


Check every strategic action or plan for your community against your purpose and values to stay focused on your core beliefs and goals.

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