Building brand community and belonging

Increase retention, referrals, and customer lifetime value by creating valuable relationships.

A community is a group of people who share a mutual concern for one another and regularly meet together. People in the community share values, and develop relationships with each other. In time, the group becomes a part of each member’s identity.

Community vs brand community

A brand community is a community that serves both individual and organizational goals. It builds relationships between members, like a regular community. However, it has an extra dimension – it also builds relationships between members and the brand itself.

Why people participate in communities

People become part of communities when they find these basic qualities:

  • Choice: People can join or leave as they want.
  • Connection: Vertically between the brand and members, and horizontally between members.
  • Progress: Meaningful personal or professional growth.


Develop a framework that will support community management.

Talk to stakeholders and identify community goals that are important to your business and you have the resources to pursue.

Perform quick and dirty research to develop insight into your potential community members. Build member personas.

Pick the purpose and values around which you’ll build your brand community.

Create a timeline and goals for attainable community growth.

Recruit founding members and build connections between them.