Create genuine buzz for your brand

Business benefits

Generate brand awareness by using value and habit-based market behaviors.

Get your team together and brainstorm ways that you can give a gift to your minimum viable market.

These might be resources, information, or stories.

Add the options to a spreadsheet with columns for Gift idea, Generosity, Connectivity, Eternity, and Score.

Use the gift prioritization matrix.

Score each idea for how generous it is to your minimum viable market.

Does it give your market status and tell a valuable story? Does it alleviate boredom? Do competitors typically charge for or withhold this information?

Score each idea for how well it builds connectedness in your minimum viable market.

Are you leaning on the knowledge and audience of people who influence your minimum viable market? Will the recipient share it with others?

Score each idea for how eternal it can be with your minimum viable market.

Can it be turned into a series? Can this gift be repurposed forever? Is it still going to be viable five years from now; 50 years from now?

Add up the scores for each gift idea.

Shortlist gift options with the highest scores and decide which ones are feasible with your brand strategy.

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