Build a B2B influencer marketing strategy

Business Benefits

Increase the exposure of your brand across multiple channels.

Write a report that lists your outreach and influencer marketing strategy results from the previous year.

Identify the best channels where most of your followers are active.

Pitch a business collaboration proposition to influencers that have had interaction with your brand and know your business.

Identify influential people that follow your Twitter account using Buzzsumo or Followerwonk.

Reach out to industry experts such as influencers, blogs, or video creators with brand endorsement.

Pitch them featuring your service or product in their videos, in a blog post or their social media posts. Ask them to participate on your social media account with a Q&A. Live stream the interaction on Facebook or YouTube.

Use your existing data to pitch blogs and influencers with your company insights to create content for their followers.

Create community programs to reward your loyal clients and convert them into brand ambassadors.

Gamify the process and offer rewards to your clients in exchange for interactions or shares.

Organize an exclusive VIP event for your influential clients.

Use your website analytics to identify your best-paying customers. Send them an email invitation that highlights the exclusivity factor.

Use email marketing to offer rewards to your most valuable clients for their achievements.

Send them a digital prize or mail them physical products. Add a share button to your digital rewards so that they can be easily shared on social media. Share their prize posts on your social media platform.

Send influencers small and memorable gifts that generate brand awareness on social media.

Congratulate them on life events by sending them a customized gift. Send gifts to influencers with whom you are closely connected and congratulate them on their business achievements.

Use Upfluence or a similar influencer research platform to establish a connection with influencers outside your network.

Monitor your competitors to identify other influencers. Reach out to them via the platform and continue the discussion on a more personal channel. Filter influencers that have had interactions with B2B companies before.