Create and track goals in Google Analytics

Business Benefits

Improve ROI and increase conversions from your content.

Login to your Google Analytics Dashboard and select Admin > Goals > New Goal to create a goal.

Choose your goal setup by selecting, automatic, smart, or custom options.

Add a description for your goal and choose the type of goal you are tracking.

Choose the details of your goal based on your conversion types.

Select Conversions > Goals on your Google Analytics dashboard to view and track the performance of the goals you set up.

Set up event-based goals to trigger on form validation or use destination page URLs to trigger a goal.

@hesh_fekry this lesson is only 4 minutes and there really isn’t a lot of information in there. It mentions Google Tag Manager but doesn’t say how to use it to set up triggers or set it up. It’s a very very thin playbook. Not sure if it’s worth combining this with another playbook (the Google Data Studio may be a short one too).

Hey Chad,

I think its just a thin topic in general. Not a very deep task so this looks fine.

This is probably a playbook that would appear inside many others via linking. Imagine any strategic GA playbooks where the first steps include outlining goals then tracking them etc.

Re copy-edits. we dont use H3 for the business benefit itself.

We use H3 for the label. then we wrap the actual text in the div class tag please check the editing guidelines produced by @naomi_kramer


### Business benefits
<div class="excerpt"> Improve ROI and increase conversions from your content…</div>

This renders like this

Business benefits

Improve ROI and increase conversions from your content…

take a look at all other playbooks as reference.

Yep, those are just the standard format that appears in when selecting “Conversions” I will go through and amend the Business Benefits tags with the others after :slight_smile:

  • Is it worth changing the standard format that appears when selecting conversions to include the div tag? (not to be lazy)

Good idea. updated the template

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