Track Conversions in Google Analytics



Business Benefits

Create Goals to analyze marketing results and user experience.

Sign in into your Google Analytics account and navigate to Admin > View column > Goals and click on “NEW GOAL”.

  • Goals are used to measure how often users complete specific actions on your website that matters to your business objectives.
  • Only 20 goals per view are available.

Select Custom to create the Goal from scratch or Template to create the Goal using a predefined template, and click Continue.

  • To start creating your Goal you can use a predefined template with a pre filled configuration or create your goal from zero without that extra help.

Choose a name and a Goal Type, and click Continue.

Four types of goals are available:

  • Destination: The goal will fire when the user visits a page.
  • Duration: The goal will fire when the user spends a specific amount of time in the site.
  • Pages/Screens per session: The goal fires when the user visits a specific number of pages during the session.
  • Event: The goal fires when a user performs an action previously measured as an event.

For example, select Destination to fire the goal when a user lands on a specific URL after subscribing to a newsletter.

Paste the path to the destination URL under Destination, click Verify this Goal to ensure it works, and click Save.

  • Optionally, you can assign a value for that conversion, for example $2 to show that value on Google Analytics reports. Also, you can assign a “Funnel” or a list of URLs which users usually visit before completing your goal to visualize on reports.

  • Once saved, the goal will appear in most of the reports. This allows you to analyze performance by different dimensions, such as campaign, device, browser.

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