Conduct virtual summit interviews

Business Benefits

Conduct engaging and valuable interviews that stand out against the masses.

Focus on having a genuine and open conversation to keep the interview real and transparent.

Don’t try too hard. Both speakers and attendees appreciate a genuine conversation.

Admit if you don’t know the answer to a certain question, be curious, and be open to criticism if you’re making a wrong point.

Research what questions your speaker is asked often and find ways to approach the topic from a new angle.

Don’t ask the same questions that your speaker always gets asked. Your speaker will appreciate your different questions and being able to provide different answers to the ones they usually do.

Share your own relevant experiences, ask questions you’re personally interested in, and talk about your own feelings and desires to incorporate your own brand and personality into the interview.

Being yourself throughout the interview makes you much more approachable and builds rapport with both the speaker and your audience.

Have a pre-chat with your interviewee before the recording starts to set the frame and warm up the conversation before hitting record.

Ensure the speaker knows what goal you want to achieve in the session and who the audience is.

Avoid mentioning specific event names or dates during your session recording.

This will help with repurposing and turning your summit into an evergreen format.

Respect your speaker’s time and don’t go longer than the agreed upon recording time.

Keep printed or electronic notes at hand at all times to avoid forgetting important questions.

You can print out your notes, write them down into a notebook with pen and paper, or leave them open in a document on your screen during the recording. Chose the format that works best for you.

Have fall-back questions or material prepared to restart the conversation if it goes silent.

For example:

  • Share a personal story related to the point you and the speaker were talking about, and ask for the speaker’s opinion or feedback.
  • Ask your speaker to share one of their most important recent learnings.
  • Ask your speaker to share one of the biggest mistakes they’ve made in the past.

Edit summit recordings to remove filler words or connection interruptions, add your summit intro and outro, and ensure that the audio levels are matched to keep them sounding professional.

Removing filler words like “uhm” or “ah” ensure your summit interviews sound professional.

Assuming the information delivered in your sessions is valuable, the more professional your summit sessions are produced, the more authority you can build with your event. So, hire a professional editor if you’re not sure how to edit the summit recordings yourself.

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