Position your brand as the only choice

Product based differentiation is over. To succeed in today’s overcrowded markets, you have to position yourself as the only choice.

When each market has dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of alternative solutions, don’t expect customers to take the time to compare your product’s features against your competitors. Position your product against the status quo, by creating a story that convinces your target audience to change, showing them what their life can be like once they make a change, and proving how your brand gets them to that promised land.

When you create a positioning story, instead of just a positioning statement, your brand’s promise becomes more memorable, relatable, and attention grabbing. With your positioning story, you’re trying to get people to search for you, instead of searching for what you do.


Define your ideal customer, based on sales team insights and real data, to understand how to better position your brand.

Conduct customer interviews to find concrete insights that come directly from the mouths of your best customers.

Identify whether your brand is a new concept, new paradigm, or established market.

Use your best customer insights to identify the change you want your audience to make, the stakes at risk if they don’t, and the villain that is standing in the way.

Define what happens when your customers make the change and defeat the villain. Show how your product helps your target audience, using real examples of other customers thriving.

Turn your story components into a powerful, one sentence promise of transformation that serves as an anchor for the rest of your brand messaging.

Test and roll out your positioning story.

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