Write product descriptions that convert

Business Benefits

Showcase features and benefits, resolve doubts, and persuade users to make a purchase.

Start with the product benefits, then move on to features.

For example, DrunkMall copy starts with a benefit - Everyone’s gonna hear you - followed by a creative description of the product’s features.

Add more product details as the price or complexity of the product rises.

Add reviews, your return policy, or a money-back guarantee to address buyer doubts.

For example, ThinkGeek used a combination of fan-submitted photos and a comments and review section.

Write similar product descriptions for similar products to make comparisons easier.

For example, Pottery Barn offers similar product descriptions for similar bedside tables.

Use specifics when making promises or listing product awards.

For example, We process orders the same day we receive them is more specific than Fast shipping. Our dessert recipe book won a James Beard award in 2019 is more descriptive and credible than World’s best dessert recipes.

Bold or italicize key points, use subheadings to break up descriptions, and add white space and images to improve readability.

Add humor or imaginative stories to product descriptions to increase perceived value - when appropriate.

For example, DrunkMall, a site that curates funny products from different websites, writes a fun product description for each product. The original product descriptions tend to be far less engaging.

Test different text formats, like paragraphs and bulleted lists, to maximize user engagement.

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