What to learn? Google Analytics 4 or Universal Analytics?

I am going to start learning google analytics, but now that Google is going to retire UA from July 2023 onwards, is it beneficial to go through the UA course by Chris Mercer?

I see it is added to the digital analytics minidegree, I just want to know whether its relevant to learn UA or GA4 is good enough to go ahead…
Here’s the link of the course I’m talking about:

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Hey @akashdas0899

Universal analytics will stop recieving new hits later this year. So probably wiser to invest your time with GA4

Universal Analytics will be going away - Analytics Help.

We just launched a brand new GA4 pre implementation course. Would recommend you start there. The implementation course will follow in the couple of weeks.

Then in the next month or so we will have a GA Audit and possibly also Bigquery course refilmed for GA4 related topics.