Use reinforcers to influence future behavior

Business benefits

Improve user participation in specific actions that you want them to complete.

Draw up a list of actions that you want your users to perform and the pages on which you want them to perform them.

Brainstorm ways to reward each of these actions.

Positive reinforcement could include an account credit, loyalty points, or gamification-style account proficiency tiers.

For example, AirTable gives a credit to the account for each new member brought into the team. Each user costs more than that per month, but this small reward encourages a user to continue adding team members over time and become more active on the platform.

Consult your audience profile or personas to check that your reward ideas meet common pain points.

Research shows that the level of dopamine spike that a person receives after having taken an action is proportionally related to the level of motivation that they will experience the next time they see the triggers associated with that behavior. Rewards that align with audience expectations, pain points, and desires release more dopamine, thus making them more likely to act favorably again in the future.

Say thank you! Use words or visuals that communicate your appreciation for your audience’s action.

For example, after someone completes a lead or lead magnet form, prominently include a thank you for filling out the form.