Motivate visitors with social influence

Business benefits

Persuade your audience by making them aware of the presence of others.

Add a testimonials section to share other people’s experience and make your audience want to be part of a peer group who loves the product.

Testimonials add credibility because the messaging is not coming from the source with a clear interest in selling the product. They are most effective when they’re in-depth and authentic, come from users representative of your target audience, and answer specific questions or pain points your audience might have.

Include star ratings and reviews on product pages to showcase the quality of your product through the eyes of customers.

Ratings and reviews are most effective when they appear at crucial decision points for your audience, like the product page or a search engine results page where your business appears alongside competitors.

Display endorsements from authoritative, independent third-party sources. Include certifications and accreditations.

For example, the Fairtrade or non-GMO project logo on food products and Better Business Bureau accreditation for service businesses.

Avoid unethical social influence techniques like buying social media likes or fake reviews.

While these techniques can have the desired effect, they frequently backfire when your audience suspects foul play, reducing your credibility and messaging effectiveness in the process.

Remove social elements in situations where people typically want to be alone, like when they’re entering private information on the checkout page.

Social influence can backfire when people feel as though they have company in situations where it would be inappropriate.

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