Use guest blog posts for your influencer page

Business Benefits

Grow your audience reach.

Use platforms like Upfluence or Grin to find the 10-20 top influencers in your space.

Share the influencers’ blog posts with your followers, either manually or by using scheduling tools like Sprout Social.

Sharing the influencers’ blog posts helps warm your followers up to the type of content they write and sets expectations of what’s to come.

Compile a list of topics that you would like these influencers to write about on your blog.

These topics can be personal or determined using data gathered through blog tracking platforms such as Bloggeries.

Send a personalized direct message to influencers via their social media platform of choice and ask if they would be willing to guest blog post for your page.

Personalize each message you send and clearly outline your request, such as clear examples and links to the work that you like the most. Communicate with them on their platform of choice, such as Instagram or Twitter, increases the likelihood of receiving a response, as that’s where they spend most of their time engaging with their audiences.

Offer to write a guest blog on their page too to ensure the collaboration is mutually beneficial.

Influencers are more likely to agree to a guest blog post if they know they’ll be receiving one back.

Use project management tools like Monday or social media scheduling tools like Hootsuite to create a content calendar for influencers who accept your offer.

Scheduling the posts gives influencers a clearer idea of when the content deliverables are expected. Alternatively, you can create your content calendar manually in a spreadsheet or other similar organizational tools.

Use social media marketing tools like Traackr or Sprout Social to find hashtags to share, and collaborate with influencers on a tagging strategy when sharing the posts on both your and their platforms.

Using the same hashtags increases both your and your influencer’s reach, and allows you to benefit from each other’s followers.

Post the guest post on your website with an introduction of who the influencer is and why you chose them to guest post.

In addition to sharing their content with your audience beforehand, it’s important that they know who the influencer is and why you chose them when the post is actually published.

Ask influencers for recommendations of additional influencers to post on your page to make your campaigns more authentic.

The more varied your influencer guest blog posts are, the more authentic you look.

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