Use a blog in influencer marketing

Business Benefits

Grow your audience.

Use a platform like CreatorIQ to research your niche and find influencer bloggers who are the best match for your brand.

These types of content creators share the same values, interests, and followers as you.

List the KPIs that you are looking for from your influencer marketing, such as audience engagement and reach.

These include greater reach, increased content output, and better engagement from your audience. Track them on platforms like Traackr, which can also provide benchmarks based on your expectations.

Create SEO guidelines for your influencer bloggers, and include information such as links, hashtags, and keywords to use.

Create clear formatting guidelines, including word count, topics, and branding assets for your influencer bloggers.

Like, comment, share, and engage with the influencers’ content to encourage them to interact with yours too.

Influencers are more likely to notice and interact with your content if they get used to seeing you interact with theirs.

Use analytics tools like Google Analytics and Chartbeat to monitor blog performance to ensure you are delivering the highest quality content to your audience.

Clear metrics to look out for include the bounce rate, click through rate (CTR), comments, shares, likes, and other measurable content data.

Plan your future content strategy based on the insights you gained from your initial engagement with your chosen influencers.

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