Split-test in display and paid search

Hi there,
Does anyone had experience with running split-test in channels? We run a split-test in social paid, display and paid search. The experiment is set-up by duplicate the campaign and changing the url in de variant. However, for display and paid search the traffic is not devided equally. I’m not sure if that’s even possible. For display we made a mistake with budget, but the budget is split 50/50 for the paid search campaigns.

How to deal with that?

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Hi @mbuijs

Thanks for posting your question! I am no expert when it comes to A/B Testing, but In platforms like Google Ads or Facebook Ads, review the ad delivery settings to make sure they are set to deliver ads evenly across the variants. Some platforms offer delivery optimization options that may need adjustment.

Hopefully we can get one of our expertsto weigh in here as well. @whoiseddie, @jessica_best