Segment your customer base

Business Benefits

Create personalized communications, better reach customer needs, and improve customer retention.

Set your customer segmentation goals, such as improving your marketing or creating a referral strategy.

Collect basic user attributes like demographics, geographic location, and company size.

Create attribute-based segments for communications focused around basic demographic and geographic information.

Track and collect basic SaaS KPIs for your customers including customer life value, net promoter score, retention rate, and churn rate.

Create performance-based segments for referral efforts and to better target future marketing efforts.

Review your customers’ in-app behavior, including the features they use and the number of users from each company in your system.

Create behavior-based segments to review and research potential product improvements.

For each segment, run personalized test campaigns to determine its validity and impact on your larger marketing performance.

Create bespoke campaigns and user experiences to make your SaaS solution more relevant in the eyes of each customer segment.

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It depends on the context, but I am often surprised by people’s emphasis on demographics. I rarely find it as useful as we all say it is. I tend to favor segmenting people by their pain points, goals, or role. But that might be just the kind of work I do.

Do others actually use demographics that much, and if so, how? Sure, it is useful to know this stuff, but what exactly does it change in your content or campaigns?

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