Run influencer campaigns for ecommerce

Business Benefits

Increase credibility and spread awareness about your online store.

Define the goal of your influencer marketing campaign, like building credibility or increasing sales around a specific product or sales event.

Identify influencers that are popular in your industry and that your target audience trusts.

Create incentives for influencers to contribute to your campaign, such as affiliate links, discount codes, free promotional products, or payment for sponsored posts.

Create an influencer package that includes relevant campaign information, details of the incentives, and legal disclosures for your influencers.

Send your products to influencers who have agreed to review or promote it.

Agree with influencers on the usage rights to their content before they start posting.

Promote influencers’ content about your products to your marketing channels.

Track the success of your influencer campaign based on organic links generated to your online store and products attributed directly to the influencer.

Adjust your campaign, including products reviewed, influencer partners, and content, over time based on learnings from your ROI analysis.

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