Prepare a board for a website UX heuristic review

Business benefits

Collate insights during a website review.

Download a backup copy of the Speero UX heuristic Miro board template. You can set this up with the Upload from backup feature on Miro paid plans.

Alternatively, use a platform like Figma or Clickup to create a similar virtual board, or even put together a physical board with print-outs and sticky notes.

Update the board details with your organization’s details, like company name and logo.

Add screenshots of key pages of the website. Include desktop and mobile screenshots.

Add context about the website review session, like the goal of the session and relevant insights and statistics.

Provide enough context for the attendees to focus on the right areas and understand enough to come up with relevant insights, without leading or influencing them. For example, don’t say We already know the product page is terrible! Include:

  • Challenges and goals: what are you trying to achieve? How does this support the wider business goals?
  • Relevant insights and stats: for example, the majority of traffic comes from mobile.

Update your scenario and tasks. If you’re running a larger session and have multiple goals, consider focusing some groups on secondary goals.

Similar to user testing, the tasks should be open and not leading while encouraging attendees to focus on the core areas of the site. For example, You want to change the sofa in your living room. Find and buy a new comfortable sofa.

Allocate each attendee to a group. Mix roles and experience within each group where possible.

Assign one person from each group to be the moderator and timekeeper for their breakout room, and assign a speaker.

It’s their job to ensure the team has their top 3 themes and insights.

Think about how you want to split session time across devices.

Depending on the device traffic split the number of attendees, you may want to ask each group to focus on a specific device. This isn’t compulsory, but may help each group keep focused.

If you created a virtual board, add the board link to the meeting invite.

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Hi @emma! Thanks for making the time to do this, much appreciated. Will the Miro board template become available for everyone? Right now the link is asking me to request access to the template.


Hey @esa.toykkala thanks for pointing this out, I have asked @emma to make us a publicly available copy.

Hi @emma it’s not possible to make a copy of the Miro board. Is this something which can be made available? Thank you for your hard work!

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Hi @stephenowen682 i am working on that right now

@esa.toykkala @stephenowen682

Thanks for your patience. Had some holiday overlap so we didn’t get to this quickly enough unfortunately and Miros sharing policy’s where somewhat irritating.

@emma for future reference - The only workaround i found was to download the backup of the board, which you need to upload on your miro account. Unfortunately this is only for paid plans.


Thanks a lot for taking the time to work on this! (A bit of a holiday overlap here as well, hence the delay in answering!)