POSITIONING without data : Gathering audience Insights for new brands

I’m currently positioning a brand from scratch and I wonder how to approach “interviews” with the potential audience without having any data to start with?

How can I gather data points for completely new projects if the product applies to basically everyone who needs to relax?

  • Are there specific websites which can be used for polls or similar (cost effective)?

For this project, my gut says that it could be suitable for:

  • Mom’s who want to take some time off 'of annoying kids"
  • Business men who want to calm down during a rough day to reenergize
  • Also every other stressed out person could use it.

Don’t know where to start this, hope to getting some information on this.


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Hey Patrick,

For free options, you can try social media polls and online communities/forums engagement to gather data.

Conducting a beta testing phase by offering your product or service to a select group of individuals can also give you some insight.

Here are some blog posts CXL has on positioning.

CXL also has a course on positioning. Not sure if you’ve seen it already.

Hello, thanks for your reply.

May I ask, what paid versions are you aware of like polls or similar?


SurveyMonkey and Qualtrics are two paid poll tools I hear most about. For free options, there are Typeform and Google Surveys.

If you want to start cost-efficient audience testing, try LinkedIn. Grow your connections there, segment users by job title, and ask them to participate in your interview. You can also invite people to a Zoom call and ask your questions there.

If you are starting from scratch and do not have enough money to pay for interviews, it’s the best way. LinkedIn allows you to segment people very effectively. Additionally, you can create compelling content for your company blog using these interviews, mention the individuals, engage with them, and convert them into future clients.

But before you proceed, make sure you have developed a customer profile that is more detailed than “Businessmen who want to calm down during a rough day to reenergize.” Utilize CXL guides, which can assist you in creating an effective customer profile.

PS Congrats on your first post here, keep us updated on how are you dealing with your polls and interviews :upside_down_face: