Optimize your homepage copy

Business Benefits

Increase the click through rate or sign-ups from your homepage

Start a document and write what you aim to achieve when users access your homepage and determine how long your homepage copy needs to be.

  • For example, if you want users to sign-up using their email you should use a short form structure.
  • If you are selling a SaaS, then a longer form homepage is optimal to communicate your value proposition.
  • I you want people to read about your solution, get more insights and go down the sales funnel, then select a longer copy

Create a diagram where you will draw out the journey a user takes from the first interaction with your homepage to the point of conversion. You can use tools like Miro, Lucid chart or similar to draw diagrams.

For example, your map will let users select between multiple options on your homepage, they spend time learning about one of your offers/activities, and then purchases your service or donates money, reaching conversion.

Define your ideal customer persona in a report using 4-5 sentences and be as detailed as possible in your explanation.

For example, your ideal customer persona is between the age of 35-55, works from home, has little time to spare, and is always active

Scan your current homepage copy and identify the trigger words you use to talk to your customer pain points.

If your customers need the reassurance of the quality of your business, write a longer copy on the webpage.

Create a strong argument on your home page such as highlighting all the benefits of your product, to prevent users from leaving your page and going to other website pages.

For example, list the main benefits of your business, how your business can solve their problems and why they should choose you over the competitors.

Write scannable content on your page by listing the values and benefits of your company in bullet points and adding more information to help users understand your product better.

This will allow users to scan the content and get a better grasp of your product value.

Create homepage sections with headings providing resources for new users.

  • Scan your website analytics to retrieve data on the amount of returning visitors to identify which percentage of website visitors know your website.
  • Add sections to your website about how other people are using your product and add testimonials at the end of the page.
  • Retrieve testimonials from Google, Facebook, or any other source.
  • Paste print screens of your testimonials or write separate boxes quoting satisfied users.

Add a disclaimer under the CTA button of your landing page, including information regarding payments and terms of cancelation and other information to reduce fear.

  • Include parts of your FAQ and guarantees about how your service/product can be canceled.
  • If you are offering a FREE trial for sign-ups, clearly state the time of the trial and the billing process.

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