Optimize shipping & returns information



Business Benefits

Build your brand reputation and increase trust and customer loyalty to bring return customers, and more sales.

Add links to your shipping and return policies to your homepage and navigation bar.

Make sure the links are prominent and immediately noticeable.

Clearly display your shipping and return policies on all product pages to make it easier for your customers to find them.

If your design allows, add links to your shipping and return policies to your website’s shopping cart.

Include a short description of the most important points of your shipping and returns policies on product pages with the full policies.

Use bold text or colors that stand out to clearly display estimated shipping dates on product pages.

For example, adding an Expect It section on your product pages can influence customers to make positive purchasing decisions based on how much time it takes for them to receive the product.

Add a Shipping Information Page with estimated delivery times for different locations to set customer expectations.

Add an estimated shipping date during the check-out process to add professionalism and manage customer expectations.

This shows that you care and gives customers a better idea of when to expect their order.