Optimize mobile pages for direct phone leads

Business Benefits

Generate more leads from your mobile landing pages.

Design landing pages specifically for viewing on mobile devices.

Mobile landing pages need to be simpler and designed with limited screen real estate in mind.

Add, at most, two calls to action on a mobile landing page, including one prominent Click to Call button.

For example, String Automotive was able to increase conversions to inbound phone calls for its car dealership clientele by focusing on Click To Call from a design standpoint.

Make use of mobile-specific functionality like the accelerometer and pinch-to-zoom to create a unique experience for potential customers.

For instance, when Dish worked with agency Amobee, they created a 3D banner ad campaign that made for a memorable brand interaction and significant lifts in interactions.


Consider the user’s real-world environment - can you reach them with NFC-enabled posters, QR codes, or an easy short link that they can use to find out more about you?

When someone’s outside with their mobile phone, they’re generally not keen to sit down and start browsing a complicated site. But they might be interested in scanning a poster with their phone, then clicking a button that starts a phone call with your customer service team.

Consider a vanity number to add extra memorability to your phone number and brand.

According to a 2011 study, vanity phone numbers had a 75.4% higher recall rate than standard 1-800 numbers, and for Home Health Associates, their 1-800-HomeCare lead to a 38% increase in call volume.

Make your phone number clickable on your contact page so that mobile users can dial it with one touch.

Use a code line like:

Call 1-800-555-5555

Use a call tracking system like Constant contact that employs a single phone number and integrates with Google Analytics.

Use call heat maps on your mobile landing pages to identify which page elements drive more calls.

If you have multiple calls to action that initiate phone calls, you can differentiate which is performing the best.

Use a platform like Outleads to track call outcomes and record phone sales to distinguish between better or lesser quality leads.

  • If you’re tracking calls internally and can accurately map phone calls to web visits, you might also consider using Google Ads’ offline conversions tool to selectively import only quality calls into your account.
  • Another method involves a subjective determination of call quality. Using web tags, call operators can label a call as Quality which can be analyzed with other data (such as heatmaps) later.

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