New to our community? Introduce yourself here!

Welcome to the CXL Community! :handshake:

This thread is so you can introduce yourself to fellow CXL Community members and so existing members can welcome you.

Let me start: I’m Tania, Community Manager at CXL. You’ll see me here a lot; connecting you to the right people, chatting and generally helping you out.

You might have guessed that, so here’s a little bit more about me…

I’m from New York City :us:
I love heavy metal as much as I love Tom & Jerry :black_cat:
I use emojis you won’t expect :facepunch:

If I were you, I’d also add details about what you’re looking to achieve with CXL, what you’d love to learn in our step-by-step playbooks, or what topics you like. Give everyone a good idea of who you are.

Don’t be shy, tell us a little bit about yourself below.


Hey I’m Hesh, Head of Product at CXL.

Started life here by taking the playbook project from a google doc to 2500+ marketing instructions to use as a foundation for this knowledge sharing community.

Im from Egypt/UK/Netherlands all at the same time somehow and a fully qualified architect in my past life. Love all music, except trap, happy hardcore and raggaton, and i love producing techno.

Hit me up if you want any information about CXL’s product strategy or any other topic like user research, design or project management.


Hi, I am Juliana Jackson. I’m a senior product manager passionate about data, operations and building systems that solve complex problems.
Currently, I manage product growth, work on product experience, and retention for and our 30K+ students.

Also, I’m a Google Women Techmakers ambassador #WTMAmbassador.

In my spare time, I run a society and culture podcast - Standard Deviation Podcast, and I’m a keynote speaker at product & marketing international conferences and events.


Hi everyone! My name is Rose and I’m one of the Customer success specialists at CXL. If you’ve reached out via live chat, chances are, we’ve already spoken once or twice!

2 truths and a lie:

  1. I play World of warcraft
  2. I crochet in my spare time
  3. I douse everything with ketchup

Can you guess which one is the lie? :smiley:

Live chat is always open for you guys, so if you have questions regarding CXL’s products, you know where to find me!


I’m Ognjen, Growth Lead at CXL. I obsess over growth and especially growth loops and I hate gurus. <3


Merritt, here. President @ CXL. Just trying to keep up with a brilliant team!

I’m from Salt Lake City, UT and when I’m not trying to make CXL a company that customers and employees will :heart_eyes: I’m hiking, mountain biking, playing soccer, tinkering around the house and hanging with the fam.

I spent over a decade doing experimentation/CRO/analytics/user research and will geek out on that stuff with anyone, anytime.


Hi there, I’m Alejandra. Part of the talent team at CXL. You’ll see me here quite a bit too as I will be answering most candidate questions :slight_smile:

Born and raised in Peru, got stuck living in the US for 1 year because of COVID, and I’m moving to Italy next week.
I’m not really into music, buuut I’m a big fan of Bad Bunny, Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift, and Harry Styles :musical_note:
Love to dance but I hate to do it in public too :dancer:
Love to travel as much as possible :earth_americas:


Hey team! Sakib here and I’m the Customer Success Manager at CXL. I love working with customers, doing Q/A, and being a team player to help the company grow.

When I’m not working, I like spending time with family, going to rock concerts/comedy shows, and traveling to new places.


I think I read on internet all crochet people died a while ago, so that must be the lie! :grin:


Hello, hello! I’m Joe. I work at Gladly as a Director in Product Marketing. We’re a small team with a bias toward doing and enough (painful) experience to know there are always others we can learn from.

Fun facts:

  • I have two kids under two, so outside of guzzling espresso and changing diapers, this is my hobby :sweat_smile:
  • We moved from San Francisco to Louisville, Kentucky for the free babysitting (also known as In-Laws). I’m slowly adjusting to a very different place but love the bourbon - and hate the driving.

Super excited to learn and contribute here. I follow many of you in this thread on LinkedIn already and love reading your perspectives.


Hello! Glad to connect with all of you.

My name is Alex, I am a co-founder of e-commerce marketing agency UAWC, currently I live in Portugal.

Fan of Bouldering and Tai Chi :slight_smile:


Nice meeting you, Joe. I live pretty close to SF (Sacramento). The weather in SF is much better than in Sacramento :sweat_smile:


Hey Al! Bouldering is a badass hobby. I seriously considered trying it out, but I have weak wrists. However, I do like running (or fast walking?) on rocks on the rocky beaches of San Francisco, does that count for something? Haha.


Hey y’all! I’m Dimitri, UX Designer at CXL. Let me tell you a little bit about myself:

• I’m Brazilian! Currently based in the city of Sao Paulo
• Love heavy metal as much as @tania LOL
• Really into cars, tech and cats!

Currently I’m responsible for the user experience and interface design at CXL, expect to see improvements soon :slight_smile: Love to be part of this community!


Hi I am Sante Occhiuzzi, marketing manager of Byte-code SPA and Orange ITS SA.

I live in Italy and work in Italy and Switzerland.
I have experience in marketing implementation of medium to large headless e-commerce.

I started as a web analytics specialist, got interested in PPC and ABM marketing.

Currently, I supervise and coordinate the corporate team and client teams for which we follow the marketing part.


Hey, I’m Pablo, Content Lead at CXL.

I tackle all SEO challenges, lead our content strategy and get to learn more and more about experimentation and CRO every single day working here.

Fun facts: my home office is usually based in Spain but I’ve been travelling around Europe as a digital nomad for the past 3 years. Also created a school in Madagascar in just over 6 months together with a marketing team from over 8 countries! :slight_smile:


Hello Everyone!

My name is Eric Mbaya, From Nairobi Kenya;

I’ve spent the first decade of my career working in different industries; I started off as a Human Resource assistant and rose ranks to become a Human Resource Manager for a company with over 200 employees at just 23 years of age; I shifted my focus to logistics and supply working as a warehousing and supply chain manager; I started learning and practicing ecommerce marketing and other facets of digital marketing on the side - for my own online businesses untill I decided to start freelance consultancy. For the last 5 years. I’ve worked with over 350 businesses spread in over 40 countries on different facets of ecommerce marketing - In light of great customer feedback that I receive and the continuous improvement and enhancement of my skills, I have been nominated for awards. In 2019 I won the ‘Best Ecommerce Developer’ and in the year 2021 and year 2022 I won the ‘Best ecommerce Consultant’ award in Kenya. In due course of doing this; I have been especially drawn to Conversion rate optimization. Looking back, it makes so much sense that I’ve gravitated in this direction, considering that I have strong background in ecommerce and digital marketing. As I’ve thought about my next steps, I realize that I wanted to transition into a Conversion Optimization career line so that I can focus all of my energy and experience on improving client conversions. I couldn’t think of a better place to start that than CXL institute. I am fortunate enough to be accepted on the CXL Talent Program; I have started my journey by enrolling on the course today and joining the CXL community; looking forward to completing the course soon, landing a CRO role and being the best CRO specialist that there can be.

I am a dad of 2; You will find me with the Fam, outdoors on adventure or attending charity events when I am not on my computer :grinning:


Hi Sante,

Italy and Switzerland are two countries I hope to visit in the future. :slight_smile: What is it like coming from web analytics to where you are now? Sounds very interesting, I love learning about everyone’s unique career path.

Hi Eric,

Wow, what a time it has been in your career! You seem eager to take on great challenges, amazing accolades earned in Kenya too. We’re happy to have you in our Talent Program. :slight_smile:

How do you like the course so far? Is there any specific topic in the CRO world you hope to learn more about? And what charity events are you most invested in? I for one volunteer locally at 3 separate animal shelters here, since I love animals a great deal. :cat: :dog: :heart:

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