August 2022 New Course: Customer Journey

The new Customer Journey course is live. Immerse your initiatives and operations with consumer psychology and build a customer journey division in any organization.


In this course, you will:

  • Understand the phases that exist in a customer journey flow and the opportunities of engagement available to expose and enhance.
  • Develop the ability to build a customer journey flow map for any point in focus. This will help with the creation of new features, products, and services.
  • Develop the ideal customer persona using data analytics to identify your end user. This will enable you to create the most relevant experiences and optimize investment.
  • Understand the architecture and framework to build a CX driven organization. After taking this course, you will be able to identify resources, skills, scope of efforts needed to begin digital transformation
  • Customer Journey is not just about mapping but also, activation. Learn the four basic principles to translate a customer experience into products and services.

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How can this help a D2C brand?

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Hey @ragsyme

@tania Can you please take over this question and help @ragsyme find the answer hes looking for.

Maybe we can reach out to the instructor and ask directly when we have some more information.

@ragsyme Can you give a little more details on the industry your in. There are a lot of paramaters at play here and some more context will help us.

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Hey Hesh

Thank you for the prompt response.

Apology for not being able to be clear the first time around.

I am the co-founder of a women’s bohmenian fashion brand.

My objective is:

  1. to grow the brand organically and develop multiple distribution channels
  2. to grow the brand through paid media.

Now, will this course help me map those journeys?
Will I be exposed to some freemium tools that I can make use of for business purposes?


Hey @ragsyme,

First off, welcome to our community! Thanks for describing what your primary objectives are. It helps me help you.

Growing your brand, acquiring more customers is one part of the key stages that makeup the overarching eCommerce customer journey. You’ll gain an understanding of the entire customer flow (from becoming aware of your brand to becoming a loyal customer) and how to build that full customer-focused experience. A must-know for a D2C-focused brand.

However, it sounds like you are looking to learn more on how you can best grow your brand and acquire more customers. Our Customer Acquisition minidegree covers all that and more in great detail.

Let me know if you have any more follow-up questions, always here to help.


hey Tania

Thank you so much for your response.

So is my understanding proper when I claim this: the course will help me with customer acquisition strategies, customer activation, and then building consumer loyalty?

Will the acquisition strategies work for organic or paid channels or both?


Hey @ragsyme

I believe @tania sent you the link for the in-app version

Here is the public link for the entire Ecommerce Mini-degree

As you can see it covers both. It also includes customer retention, with the strategy and measurement tracks shortly following to complete the curriculum

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Hey Hesh

Thanks for sharing this course.

Currently, I am pursuing a similar course, therefore I will pass on this course.
Thanks again for providing all the information in a timely manner. :slight_smile:


Hey @ragsyme,

We’re happy to help. We hope you explore this course in the future.

We and other community members would love to know what course you’re taking, what you’re hoping to achieve with the course and any feedback you have on it. You can post about your experience or ask any questions anytime in Community :slight_smile:

Thank you for being a member,