Introduce your team with a video

Business Benefits

Bring your organization to life with an introduction video.

Define the purpose of your video based on what you want to achieve.

For example, is it to provide insights on how your product is created, or to humanize your brand by putting the spotlight on your team members?

Brainstorm ideas with your team and ask them what story they want to tell about the company.

For example, if a sense of humor is a big part of the working experience, you might want to create an original and witty video. Or, if they find purpose in the work they do, a more traditional talking heads video with inspirational stories could be more effective.

Write a simple outline for your video based on the concept you’ve brainstormed.

This can be a simply a list of actions as they happen. For example, Group scene outside with the whole team with a voice-over from Tom.

Create a filming production plan based on your outline.

For example, you can include:

  • 2 interviews with individual team members.
  • 1 group scene in the office.
  • 1 outside shot with a small group.

Write your interview questions - keep them open-ended to avoid yes and no answers from your team.

Make sure they match the mood of your video. For example, if your video is light-hearted and fun, write questions that are also light-hearted and fun.

Talk with your team to find a time for filming that works with their schedule and send them the plan ahead of time - include guidelines for what they should wear.

Bring in good lighting and tidy up the places that will be filmed to set the scene for filming.

  • If you are interviewing individuals in-person, create an area with a simple but interesting background, for example with artwork or plants.
  • If your team is filming their sections remotely, brief them on how to arrange their home environment for the filming.

Film your video in chunks, giving your team time to think about their answers.

Film multiple takes of the same answers so that you have options during editing.

Edit your footage using your preferred video editing software, such as iMovie or Premiere Pro.

Keep your video short, choosing to keep only the best footage that meets your video’s purpose most effectively.

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