Introduce your product with a video

Business Benefits

Showcase the key features of your product, build brand awareness, and generate leads or sales.

Set your goals and purpose for the video.

For example, explaining certain features or increasing sales by x amount.

Define your target audience based on your buyer personas, and identify your biggest selling point to them.

For example, if your buyers are commuting a lot and your product is a mobile app, this could be a strong selling point. For inspiration, look at what your competitors are doing to attract their customers.

Write a script for your video using the classic structure of outlining your customer’s pain point, showing your solution, and reflecting your brand persona in tone.

  • Write a sentence that explains a common problem faced by your prospects; outline currently available solutions and point to their flaws.
  • Write down 2–3 compelling arguments that show how your product differs from previous solutions and highlight the benefits of using your solution.
  • Simplify and de-jargon your script by using a tool like Hemingway Editor.

Create a storyboard for your video, outlining each scene in order - beginning, middle, and end - with the script embedded.

A common approach is:

  • Introduction
  • Problem
  • Solution with a call to action.

Decide how you will film your video, depending on your product and approach.

Common ways are:

  • Screen capture
  • Filming on location or remotely
  • Voice over recording
  • Animation
  • Outsource some or all of the filming to an agency.

Edit your footage using your preferred video editing software, such as Filmora or iMovie.

Your editing might require placing footage into a mockup to show it being used. Keep your video under 120 seconds in length if possible.

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