How to customize form_start Event with GTM?

Hi guys,

we are using the Ninja Form plugin on our WordPress site. To track the form submissions on our site plus the form_id and form_name, we use the custom HTLM tag template provided by Ninja Form - since the Enhanced Measurement event form_submit doesn’t work that well and wasn’t able to detect these parameters.

Is there any way I can customize the form_start event so that I can see the form_id and form_name parameters in my reports? Now this event fires but never shows these two parameters.

@jonas2 @whoiseddie @jessica_best @fred.pike @cory.d.watson @mercer pls help!

Thanks in advance

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Hi @kmel, looks like you’ve gotten a response from Ryan on Facebook :+1:

Hi @sakib, but no solution yet.

Ryan just replied back to you a little bit ago :slight_smile:

You’ll basically need to create your own form_submit event, and add the properties you want to pass.