Customized UTM Parameters

Hi Everyone, do you know if it is possible to add customised UTM parameters and track those in GA4? I would like to add to my regular Source, Medium and Campaign parameters UTM the following custom parameters &utm_segments, &utm_month, and &utm_tactic.

I’ve created a UTM like this: Example Domain

And then added the new personalized dimension for Segment, Month and Tactic parameters in GA4. But GA4 is not recognising it.


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Google Analytics 4 (GA4) does allow you to add custom parameters to your URLs, including UTM parameters. However, GA4’s tracking and reporting model is quite different from Universal Analytics (UA), so some things might have changed or evolved since then. Here’s the general process for adding custom UTM parameters to track in GA4:

  1. Custom UTM Parameters: GA4 allows you to define custom parameters beyond the standard Source, Medium, and Campaign parameters.
  2. Creating Custom Events or Conversions: In GA4, events are the primary way to track interactions and actions on your website or app. You can create custom events to track specific user actions related to the custom UTM parameters you’re adding. For instance, you might create events for “utm_segments”, “utm_month”, and “utm_tactic”.
  3. Tagging URLs: When you add UTM parameters to your URLs, they will automatically be tracked as part of the data collection process. However, you would need to manually configure these URLs with the UTM parameters. For example, your URL might look like:

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  1. Setting Up Event Tracking: You will need to set up event tracking for the custom events you created. This might involve adding some additional code to your website or using Google Tag Manager to track these events.
  2. Viewing Data in GA4: Once the data is collected, you can view it in GA4 reports. You can analyze the custom UTM parameters’ data alongside the standard tracking data.