Homepage messaging with more products

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Happy to have you here. Let me include what I know and tag experts who can help.

My immediate answer:

1. Create a clear value prop for each of your products.

Without a clear value prop, people may not understand what they’re looking at, or grasp the immediate value in their first impression of your site and product.

This playbook is a great starting point to make sure you’re doing that well, step-by-step:


2. User research can help you validate what problems your product helped solve, and what benefits it gave customers.

Direct from your customers’ direct experience. In the case of having multiple products of equal value, this can help you understand what features matter most to the people buying your products.

This playbook is a great guide on refining your messaging through user research.


Community experts who can help answer your question:

:mega: @boagworld is a leader in conversion optimization who can give more insight from his years of experience. One of the curators for our CRO playbook taxonomy. This playbook is a great example on how he has touched on this topic:

:mega: @guy_yalif, CEO and co-founder of Intellimize who also has years of background from senior marketing positions at major tech companies. He may have immediate ideas for what can help set you apart. He has written a playbook on this topic too:

In addition to the playbooks you’ve created, do you both have any tips you can provide Francesco on refining his messaging feel more specific, help convert?