Google Ad enhancement recommendations

Any advice either for or against accepting some of any of the following Google Ads recommendations following the Tom Breeze training:

  1. Upload Customer Match lists for a YouTube in-stream ad? Our context is that we recently finished this event for B2B customers. and are now running an awareness campaign on YouTube with a short <1 min. in class demo type video for a similar B2B audience to take notice of us for a local event

  2. Expand your reach with Google video partners

  3. Increase your reach by creating a new ad group with only audience targeting

Contextual targeting, combined with audience targeting, can limit your audience. To reach more of the right people, create a new ad group with only audience targeting. Recommended because you have ad groups with both audience and contextual targeting, which can limit your reach

Would there be a reason my placements (highly relevant videos) are getting 0 impressions? (see attached)

Finally, I’ve created another AI conversion-focused campaign to follow this awareness campaign, but with a budget of only around $600 U.S. would it be advisable to not run it and just stick to awareness if say my ultimate goal is to get about 15-20K views?

Please let me know your thoughts. Your insight is greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

p.s. Here’s where we’re at so far. I’m assuming because this is just an awareness campaign that is only focused on getting views and we’re beyond 1,000 views, should I begin to think about using Google’s AI or would it be 1,000 views per keyword before considering the AI option(s) according to Tom Breeze’s training?

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@wlaschmidt Hey Wayne, how are you? I’ll address what I know here.

For the issue of your placements, your bid may be too low, and as a result, your ads are not being served. Your ad targeting settings may be too narrow, leading to limited inventory available for your placements. Also, there may be high competition for the same placements, and your ad is not being prioritized.

If your ultimate goal is to get 15-20K views, it might be challenging to achieve that with a budget of $600. Running an awareness campaign with a higher budget could be more effective in reaching your view goals.

@sakib Thanks for that insight Sakib.

If anyone may have some thoughts on the AI considerations as well, I’m all ears.

Thanks again,


You are launching this campaign as an experiment correct?

Thanks, Hesh. Yes, that’s correct.

Thanks for your question Hesh. Yes, that’s correct.


I think it depends on your budget constraints and what the Risk / Reward is on this experiment. But trying and learning from a fail is often better than not trying at all.

I always ask this to myself.

  • What assumption or hypothesis am i targeting with this.
  • What would a successful experiment here look like in terms of metrics or learnings? Id decide this now before even launching it.
  • And what does a successful experiment potentially unlock for you?