Drive ecommerce traffic from Instagram

Business Benefits

Drive more qualified traffic, and increase conversions and revenue.

Set up a link to your website or a specific product in your Instagram bio with a vanity URL or a link shortener.

Instagram does not allow clickable links in the content that you post. To overcome this, your CTAs can direct your audience to click the link in your bio. These are a few ways you can create a custom link for your bio:

  • Create a vanity URL through your web host: This vanity URL will redirect to your sales or landing page. Keep the URL simple and memorable, for example,
  • Use a link shortening tool: Bitly, Tiny URL, or Rebrandly will shorten a lengthy URL.
  • Use a bio link tool: These services create one URL that displays multiple links for users to click after they tap the link in your bio. Some platforms include Linktree, Feedlink, and Lnk.Bio.

Balance your upcoming promotional content within your overall marketing campaign. Avoid only posting promotional sales content on your Instagram account.

Promotional content should be balanced with a mix of engaging content that doesn’t aim to sell your audience anything. A few ideas for adding promotional content to your marketing campaign include:

  • Teasing the sales and promotions that you’re currently offering on your website.
  • Highlighting upcoming launches.
  • Featuring user or expert reviews of featured products.

Add a strategic CTA in your Instagram post captions that encourages your audience to click the link in your bio.

Tease the product or service in your post caption. Then, within all of your Instagram post captions, add a CTA.

For example, your caption could highlight how a product you sell makes something incredibly easy to do for your customers. Your CTA could read, Click the link in our bio to get one of your own!

Re-share the Instagram post as an Instagram story with its own CTA.

Due to Instagram’s algorithm, many people might not see your initial Instagram post. However, Instagram stories tend to get higher engagement and views on a broader level of your followers.

Run an engaging contest on your Instagram page to generate product interest and expand your reach with user generated content.

Contests are an effective way to increase brand awareness because users will likely tag their friends in your post or share the content within their own circles. You can also create a branded hashtag for your contest to increase the post’s visibility.

Contests can also help you generate user-generated content that can act as powerful social proof to increase new prospects and leads’ trust of your brand. To do this, include something in your contest rules for entry that require participants to share a photo or comment on your post about a positive interaction they had with your product.

Activate Instagram’s shoppable posts through Instagram Business.

When you turn on your Instagram storefront, shoppable posts allow followers to:

  • View your Instagram storefront and collection of products.
  • View and save products to their Instagram bookmarks.
  • View your main website, which drives more ecommerce traffic.
  • Add products to an Instagram cart.
  • Complete checkout directly through Instagram.

To be eligible, you must:

  • Sell physical goods.
  • Have an Instagram Business account.
  • Comply with Instagram’s commerce policies.

Run your shoppable posts as ad campaigns on your Instagram account to target specific audiences.

You can boost an existing shoppable post you’ve created, or design one from scratch in the Ads Manager. Instagram shopping ads allow you to tag specific products that appear in your image and link them directly to a product page in your ecommerce store, or complete checkout directly from the Instagram app.

Leverage influencer marketing to boost awareness around your brand and products, and drive sales.

Consider partnering with an influencer who shares your target audience to tap into their potential reach, and leverage the trust they’ve established with their core audience.

Research to find influencers within your industry and develop a plan to communicate and offer a deal that will be mutually beneficial to you and the influencer. Offer something valuable to their audience.

Analyze referral traffic from Instagram to track and replicate your most popular content.

Track your Instagram traffic by using:

  • The built-in traffic tools on Instagram for Business.
  • A third-party platform, like Google Analytics.
  • A social media management platform with analytics features, like Hootsuite or Sprout Social.

Compare peaks in referral traffic with the types of content and ads you were running from Instagram during those same times. By doing this, you can decipher what marketing strategies are leading to increased traffic and conversions, and use that information to continue optimizing marketing and advertising strategies.

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