Create content for Instagram ads

Business Benefits

Boost engagement and promote a product or offer.

Set a measurable goal for your Instagram ad campaign.

Select the target audience for the ad campaign.

Map out a budget for the scope and duration of the ad campaign.

Tailor the marketing message to your target audience and select the appropriate tone, angle, and visuals for the ad’s content.

Choose whether you will use an image, video, carousel, or story format for your ad content.

Create the visuals for the content format you chose.

Write an engaging caption or on-screen text to accompany your post.

Add a branded hashtag to your ad, and use additional hashtags that will help increase visibility for your target audience.

Add the URL of the product you are promoting to the ad to drive traffic to that page.

Choose an actionable CTA button for your ad to encourage viewers to click through to the promoted page.

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