Design highly converting landing pages



Business Benefits

Generate more conversions using the best version of your landing page.

Create a document listing customer pain points from your buyer persona from most to least important.

For example:

  • Lacks money
  • Needs money fast
  • Lacks motivation.

Map out the customer journey that you want users to take to solve each pain point, add the main pain point in the headline, and highlight your value proposition as the main problem solver.

Write website copy to help users move through the steps of the customer journey by solving a pain point at each step.

For example, if your headline says they can make money, write the following section to show them how they can make money quickly using your product, then explain how your product will help to motivate them.

Start your brand story by summarizing how the product benefits your audience.

Make a point to mention your target market at the beginning of your headline to highlight towards whom the product is intended. For example, Mailchimp is for email marketers.

Insert one or two CTA buttons maximum, and add text to these buttons explaining users what they will receive.

For example, the CTA text may say, FREE Ebook on How To Make Money Fast.

Be specific about what users receive in exchange for their email address.

For example, if they are receiving an ebook, make it clear that it is a PDF ebook.

Adjust your website copy so that it uses language and concepts familiar to your audience.

For example, check the copy and creatives in Search ads, social ads, display ads, seo listing or social posts. See what promises have been made to the customers before they land on the page and match that with what users expect.

Talk to your design or UX department to select images that add meaning to your copy and match its topic.

Avoid using cheesy stock images. For example, if you are selling Botox products, add images of a person smiling or getting a Botox shot.

Add a single-column form to your landing page and use brand colors and fonts to blend it into the website layout.

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Hi Tommy,

This is pretty good. Few suggestions:

Step 1 - Maybe we don’t have to limit the knowledge of pain points to buyer personas? Because not every business creates buyer personas or if they do then they might not be thoroughly researched?

Suggest to add: … Pain points from customer research (interviews, chats, emails, surveys, heatmaps, buyer personas - anything that tells us something about their problems)?

Step 7 - More clarification on what promises have been made to the customers ‘before’ they land on the page e.g. Search ads, social ads, display ads, seo listing, social posts; copy and creative used in those ads / organic listings THEN match that with what users expect.

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Hey @usman.qureshi

Welcome to the community. Happy to see you liked this playbook from Tommy. This is great feedback.

Pain points indeed come from different sources. For example, we do a lot of interviews, have thousands of intercom chats to scrape from and of course use surveys. We can also validate some of these pain points with our audiences on social media and etc.

I am assuming the pain points from the buyer persona would help prioritise what to list on the landing page as it would target the visitors most likely to purchase from you. At the end of the day, there is only so much space on the screen.

What are your thoughts here how would you prioritise?

Your suggestion to step 7 is great. Do you mind if I edit this into the playbook and add you as a contributor in the byline?

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@hesh_fekry I agree with you on that.

I guess my idea is that if someone isn’t using buying personas they don’t have to wait to create one and can get started with whatever research they already have (remove any mental friction). But I understand your perspective as well.

For Step 7 - Sure thing, please do!

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For a longer sales funnel B2B (in which the consideration phase is longer since the price is more expensive) would you include ideas about “what we are fighting against” to attract the user with our values? Also this consideration is longer because the user needs more education on the importance, so they need to see examples of how others solved similar issues (reviews). What would be the “must’-haves” for a more expensive service landing page in your opinion? Thank you!!

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