Data gathering? How much is enough

Newbie question about data gathering for a downloadable that was well received by our community of school owners. Price Increase Suvival Guide

I have 187 data points and was wondering if there is a way to determine how much is enough in terms of potentially getting to a place of statistical significance.

Not sure where to start or if someone has already run down this road.


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There are a few statistical significance calculators on the internet that you can use to get more information about this.

Statistical Significance Calculator - Qualtrics is a pretty good one.

Hi @wlaschmidt as this is not an AB test but more af a research excercise i would say statistical significance is less important here and id focus on confidence levels like you would with uaer testing.

Speero and Ben Labay have often quoted that 300 data points is enough for uaer research in experimentation.

Tbh it depends on the strength of signals you are getting.

Have you codified your results or ran them through any post collection analysis?


@camille Thank you! That is helpful!

@hesh_fekry That’s great advice as usual Hesh.
Any good beginner articles on results/post-collection analysis?

Much appreciated Hesh!

Yes for sure check this out there is a kind of playbook at the end of the blog about codifying the results.

Also has a section on how much. It states between 100-200 so your good. Speero aim for a bit higher as they are statistics and experimentation focused.

Cant quite remember if it goes into codification but this playbook has a lot about analysis of data, thematic exercises and developing that into hypos/ideation for experimentation. Even though the output is experimentation focus, the methods should be helpful.