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I know that conversation rates sometimes don’t tell the complete story as a variant may have a higher CR but another variant may contribute better overall revenue on an ecommerce site. So in addition to CR, what additional metrics should I look at? I was thinking revenue per visitor (unique visitor?) and even drill down to revenue per returning/new user. Your thoughts?

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@n8.tango There are several other metrics that you can look at to better understand how your website is performing, and revenue per visitor is certainly one of them. Drilling down further into revenue per returning/new user is also a good idea, as this metric can provide valuable insights into how different types of customers are engaging with your website. For example, if your revenue per returning customer is significantly higher than your revenue per new customer, you may want to focus your efforts on retaining existing customers and building loyalty programs to encourage repeat business.

Other metrics that you may want to consider include average order value, which can help you understand how much customers are spending on each purchase, and customer lifetime value, which can help you determine the long-term value of each customer to your business.
Cart abandonment rate is another one, and a high cart abandonment rate can indicate issues with your checkout process or pricing strategy.

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Thanks for your input, Sakib.

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Hello, I was just checking where to buy casino links when I saw this post. Anyway, is this your first time converting? Conversion rates are not always the best indicator of success as they don’t give you the complete picture. By looking at other metrics, you can gain more insights into the performance of your website.

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CR is just the tip of iceberg.

Every test can use others KPIs to help the decision. To help me with sales of the SaaS that I work I always use LTV, RoAS and CAC. Because, it make no sense sell more but with bigger CAC, less LTV or low RoAS.

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