CRO audits are just best practices?

Hi everyone,

I have noticed that many CRO expert offers CRO audits (heuristic analysis) to engage new prospects. Honestly, i always find this activity quite routinary to me, like a set of best practices taken from a checklist:

“The Navigation menu has too many items, size chart is missing, excessively, walls of text, lack of badge for sold-out products, lack of star ratings for reviews, pop-up appears too soon,” etc.

Here an example.

Is this the real value that we can provide for a business? How do clients perceive this work?

Furthermore, let’s assume we start a project with a client on a retainer for six months, delivering 5 optimization points each month.
Can testing/implementing these “unremarkable” optimization points truly have an impact on the conversion rate(CR)?

Ultimately, am I underestimating the effectiveness of these optimization actions, or overestimating the UX expertise of the client?

I’m struggling to sell a CRO audit since i don’t believe in it.

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In my perspective, conducting audits in general (not just CRO) opens up a realm of possibilities. Without an audit, it’s similar to a doctor performing surgery without diagnosing the underlying issues – resorting to random tools instead. If I were your client and you highlighted the necessary website changes for turning visitors into customers, I would perceive that as valuable guidance.

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Hi @francescopiccirilli

Did you check out the speero playbook here:

Heuristic analysis is an important piece of that and I believe our course on it from Andre Morys explains also why.

Check these out