My first CRO Client, and a little bit overwhelmed where to start

Hi there! I introduced myself on the “introduce yourself” thread, however let’s give a quick intro again for some context.

I am Mourad from the Netherlands, and slowly pivoting my agency from strictly lead gen and outreach to funnels and CRO.

I have multiple reasons why I do so, but let’s not go into that, as that would make this post unnecessarily long.

Now I’ve got my first CRO projects (2 at the same time), I experience a bit of overwhelm.

I see that the CRO Mini-degree can be followed step-by-step chronologically, but still I am a bit hesitant if I should go about it like that. And besides that I would like to have some more guidance about what to do on each step or each method/tool to fulfill the research.

My client has a weight loss coaching program, acting as a dietist, and an orthomolecular therapist.

She has some traffic. About 25k visitors with a very high bounce rate ( about 90%).

She has a lot of pages (1k). That’s also her strength, because she is pulling in free traffic with her blog articles and they are on topic.

The purpose of those pages (conversion) is to incite the visitors to plan a free consultation so that she or her team can sell them the program.

So I’m planning to focus on 10 pages with the most traffic and high bounce rate. She added my as admin to her GA and recommended her to sign up for Hotjar, and we added the tracking script in the header of 2 or 3 pages.

Now I would like to know how to take it from here as I would like to build a strategy to present to her soon.

  • What should I focus on to investigate?
  • What should I look for when I’m testing the usability?
  • Which tools you can’t do without?

If I have to follow the research model from the conversion research course:

  • Should I just follow the methods in order of the course?
  • Or are there methods that would give quick results?
  • What are some tactics to use, to filter the most helpful data to show her where she is losing the most money (GA)

Overall, where do I start, in which order, and what should I look for, what tools are indespensable.

I know a lot of questions, and some of them I think I will figure out after a while. I just wanted to get it out of my system.

Any feedback is welcome. Much appreciated! :pray:

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Hi Mourad, congrats on landing those clients!

Some thoughts that I have on these:

Google Analytics - Make sure everything is set up correctly

  1. Set up conversion tracking to identify where visitors are dropping off in the conversion funnel.
  2. Utilize behavior flow reports to visualize user paths and identify bottlenecks.
  3. Segment data based on traffic sources, landing pages, or visitor demographics to uncover specific areas for improvement.
  4. Identify the most common path current converters have
  5. Quick win tactics might include improving headlines, optimizing calls-to-action, or simplifying forms (especially forms!! and single CTA per landing page).

Hope this helps. Let me know how its going!


Hi icymelon! Thanks for taking the time to give me some pointers. Really appreciate it.

I do have some follow up questions:

  1. I will pick that asap
  2. Should I think about tornado flows to visualize the flows? Or are you talking about screen recordings to get an idea where the bottlenecks are?
  3. After segmenting the data. What is the best strategy to follow? Should I improve the best performing segments? Or focus on the segments that are behind? To give some context: she has 25k monthly visitors on the whole website with 50 monthly consult applications. Sonora performing poorly overall.
  4. Again, the site is performing poorly overall. So the best performing path is the path to focus on to optimize on?
  5. On the forms what is the best practice? Would you recommend a pop up? The most common path is blog article>CTA Button (plan consult)>schedule page

Would you say it is better to follow this path? Blog article>CTA Button (learn more)> sales page>CTA Button (plan consult)> schedule page

Thanks again for your help. And for others: feel free to chime in!

Thanks y’all! :pray:

2- You can try the path exploration technique in GA4 explore section. This is by the way a great feature that can definitely help you understand the behaviour of your users.
I recommend you this course of Charles Farina.

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Hi there. First off congratulations on the win!

Here’s some of my humble feedback based on what you mentioned about your clients organic reach.

I would probably add some further metrics as conversion goals apart form the ultimate metric of completed form.

  1. cohort analysis for time (in days or weeks) to convert.

People may not convert in the first session. Underanding how many visits it takes to convert will be a good metric to improve and see how you can reduce time to conversion.

  1. Form funnel conversion

I think hotjar has manual tagging for this however mouseflow has form analytics and quite easy to setup. It will help understand how far along people go in filling the form… Im assuming it’s a simple form but know how far along people go in filling it will give you some insights on funnel friction and maybe you want to change the experience. It helps understand intent to action.

  1. newsletter subscription count
    Considering the pages I’m assuming you can subscribe. If yes then see how many subscribers sign up and see how you can improve this as a metric.

Hope this helps.

Good luck.