Can someone review my copy 'teardown' and give some feedback?

Hi guys can someone review the copy teardown I have attached below and give some feedback? The website didn’t have any form hence left that section out.

Also if the section is not available then should I write the same that the section is not available like in the “Convey Unique Value” section of the questionnaire. The website is not targeting any specific audience so what what should I write as “potential solution” ?

link for sheet - link

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Hi Arkodeep - I’m not a CRO expert, but I’ll address what I can.

→ not targeting any specific audience:
If you’re not targeting any specific audience with your copy, you can consider the broader market and create messaging that appeals to a wide range of potential customers.

You can focus on broad benefits, use inclusive language, highlight versatility, etc.

→ if the section is not available then should I write:
Do you think the website needs that section? Then the “potential solution” would be just that - needs X section+copy.


Had a look and 2 of our users have already created these two playbooks. I would compare how they did theirs and see if you can supplement yours with it.

Happy to take another look afterwards :slight_smile:

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Thanks for all the improvement will keep them in mind and improve on those, a lot of the gaps that I left is because they didn’t have the section and what they can implement on that section is already stated in the above row

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