Build a link building outreach sequence

Business Benefits

Persuade your prospects to link back to your content using email sequences.

Craft an email template sequence for each new link building campaign.

Include one first contact email and at least two follow-up emails. The first email should make a small ask and outline why the prospect should link back to you. The message should show that it’s a win-win situation. Identify elements to personalize for each prospect as you write each email. For example:

Make follow-up emails short and to the point.

Add the personalization elements you identified to the prospecting list.

Let’s take another look at the previous message example:

In this example you would add the following elements:

  • [custom:First Name]: Prospect’s first name
  • [custom:topic]: Prospect’s topic of interest
  • [custom:article URL]: The article where you mention the prospect on your blog
  • [custom:no of views]: How many views your article gets
  • [custom: prospect’s article]: Where you’d like the prospect to link to your article
  • [custom:prospect’s product]: Prospect’s product or service

These elements are crucial for creating a personalized yet natural sounding email. If you just copy-paste a URL in an email, it’s obvious that’s not coming from a real person, it’s just automatization. Show you’ve done your homework by taking those extra minutes to add custom elements to your database.

Use a CRM or an outreach tool like BuzzStream, Ninjaoutreach, or Respona to build your email sequence.

Enter the email sequence you created earlier into the builder, including the custom text fields. Leave at least 3 days between each email in the sequence.

Upload your prospects list, including the custom elements, so that each message shows the custom fields correctly.

Double-check each message before you send it, and don’t send emails in bulk.

Remove prospects from the outreach list to whom you already sent a different sequence in the last 60 days.

Use a consistent naming method to keep your outreach sequences organized.

For example, campaign-name_month.

Before you start reaching out to people, please check the website and make sure that the article you want them to add your link to is recent, or recently updated.

Especially in SaaS, many companies pivot and change their strategy and that means their target audience changes as well.

Reaching out and asking them to recommend an article that offers no value to their current target audience is very unlikely to get you an answer. So do proper research before reaching out.