Build a brand resonance model

Business Benefits

Boost customer loyalty and relationships to create brand advocates.

Create salience by developing a noticeable, clear, memorable identity that states who your brand is, what category you serve, and what needs you satisfy, in order to generate brand awareness.

Salience forms the foundational layer of the brand resonance pyramid. Assess salience by answering these questions:

  • How easily do customers identify your brand?
  • Do customers know what you do?
  • Can they identify specific traits about your brand, such as brand values or unique qualities?

Achieve performance by efficiently meeting your customers’ needs and solving their problems well. This tells customers what you are and how you are differentiated.

Measure performance in a number of dimensions, including:

  • Are the features, functionality, and characteristics necessary to solve customers’ problems present, reliable, and accessible?
  • Does the solution meet needs efficiently and effectively?
  • Do the brand, product, and customer service exhibit empathy for the customer?
  • Does the design and user experience delight the customer?
  • Do the packaging and pricing reflect the value delivered and match how customers prefer to buy?

Use messaging to establish positive imagery that further defines what you are, differentiates your brand, and shapes brand perception, in order to make your brand meet customers’ social and psychological needs.

Examples of imagery might include being perceived as ecocentric, high quality, or exclusive. Messaging that establishes the desired brand perception and imagery works for your brand in multiple places:

  • Targeting marketing and communications
  • Word-of-mouth marketing, reviews, and referrals

Influence customers to form positive judgements about your brand and their response to the question, What about you? when considering your brand. Deliver new and unique products and experiences that are high in quality and performance.

Further shape customers’ response to the question, What about you? when considering their brand by creating positive feelings that form an attachment to your brand.

Use personalized experiences, emotionally relevant content, community and social impact your brand has made, and rewards for choosing you to shape the customer response.

Achieve and sustain brand resonance by building on the previous steps.

Deliver exceptional customer support, run loyalty programs that reward and grow the relationship, continue to release products that further meet their needs, and adapt to market, social, and consumer trends.