Best way to practice GTM without a personal page or blog?

Hey there family!

Just new in the community, very happy to join you all in these knowledge halls.

I´ve started learning GTM for beginners, and I want to practice as I go through the lessons, but I don´t have any website or blog of my own, nor any clients´ to practice with.

Is there any other way to practice with a real page and data without having to create my own from scratch?

Help is much appreciated. Thanks beforehand!

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I believe Charles farina recommends to use weebly in his earlier GA4 course.

Thanks for your help Hesh!

Guess it´s gonna be worth the time on the long run to start getting familiar with web creation.

Just so many things to learn at the same time! :joy:

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Hello Mikel!

I want to add that you can access a Google Analytics demo account for free and use the data pulled from the Google Merchandise Store to practice navigating and working with real data. More info can be found at this link.

Direct links to the demo accounts: