Analyze web forms to decrease abandonment

Business Benefits

Improve conversion rates by revising form fields that cause high abandonment.

Use a form analytics tool like Lucky Orange to see which website form fields have the highest abandonment.

The percentage next to each field is the percentage of visitors who abandoned the form and left your website or switched to a different page. Focus on fields with the highest percentage, noted in red.

Watch a website session recording of visitors who abandoned the form on the fields with the highest abandonment.

Look for technical problems that are stopping the visitor from completing the form.

If you find technical errors with your form, filter for browser and device type to isolate the error.

  • Look at session recordings for visitors coming from different browsers to see if the form issue is browser-specific.
  • Check device types to see if the error is specific to mobile or tablet users.

If there are no technical errors, look for other common causes of form field abandonment like unclear instructions or phone number fields.

People often abandon forms because instructions are unclear, especially fields that require specific formatting like passwords or mailing addresses. Phone number fields also cause high abandonment because people are wary of being spammed with texts or phone calls.

Remove non-essential fields from your forms.

Shorter forms typically perform better than longer forms, especially for people at the top of the funnel. You can always obtain more information as the customer moves further through the journey.

Re-evaluate form performance after making changes.

If you still see high form abandonment, launch an on-site survey to ask people if there is something preventing them from completing the form.